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Ali J featured in People Magazine with Dr. Toby Mayer

Becoming the Girl I Always Was: Inside Singer Alex Jinkinson’s Gender-Confirming Facial Feminization Surgery

When Alex Jinkinson’s gender was marked “male” on the birth certificate at the hospital, it spurred a decades-long identity crisis. But despite exhibiting masculine traits and being raised as a boy, Alex  – after Facial Feminization, today is living life as the woman she always knew she was.

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  • BeforeBefore
  • AfterAfter

  • – Facial Feminization
    – Hairline forehead lift, Hairline lowering with orbital bony contour
    – Rhinoplasty revision
    – Chin contour
    – Submental liposuction
    – Fat augmentation to lips
    – Cheek implants

Cosmetic Town Journal Feature

280_280_1271_profile_pictureThe issue of gender identity is a complicated one that is not completely understood by the general public. For example, there are many men who identify themselves as female even though they were born male. The most recent, and prominent example of this is Bruce Jenner’s public change into Caitlyn Jenner. One of the procedures men undergo to become more feminine is known as facial feminization.

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Bruce Jenner’s Transition: Plastic Surgeons Dispel Common Myths

“The most feminizing and youth-producing procedures are to move the hairline forward, lift the brows and flatten the supraorbital rims,” explains Beverly Hills surgeon Toby Mayer, MD. “Most patients also undergo rhinoplasty in order to re-sculpt the nose to make the bridge straighter and the tip more refined. Finally the jaw and chin need to be re-contoured and the Adam’s apple removed.” Click Here to read more…

Becoming Caitlyn Jenner Was No Cheap Feat: Up To $100,000, Doctors Say (And Likely No Insurance)

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