Dear Dr. Mayer:

Thank you so much for performing the Fleming-Mayer Flap hair transplant procedure on me. The results are simply incredible.

I have been losing my hair since college, and by the time I came to see you, at age 42, my hairline had receded badly. The fact that I am transgender made the baldness even worse, and I hated looking at myself in the mirror. When I came to you, I really didn’t think that a realistic and feminine hairline could be achieved, given the severity of my baldness.

Just two months after the surgery, I can’t believe the results. I never expected my hairline to look this full and this feminine. I am sooooo happy! it’s so much better than I had ever dared to dream.

Please let Frances and Maria know that I really appreciate all the care that they gave me during my procedure, and please let the rest of your support staff, including Sharon, know how great my experience was.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.



  • Before Flap Procedure
  • After Flap Procedure