Facial Feminization

Facial Feminization before after photo

After facial feminization, voice modification, tracheal shave, radiesse to cheeks, hairline forehead lift with hairline lowering, orbital bony contouring, rhinoplasty, and lip augmentation

For the transsexual patient, feeling feminine is one of the most important aspects of your life. You not only want to feel feminine, but you want the world to see you as feminine. This can be achieved through Facial Feminization. With the help of Dr. Toby Mayer, who is the Beverly Hills facial feminization expert, you can achieve a more female-like appearance! Click here to view pictures or video of patients who have had facial feminization.

Facial Feminization is a term that covers a broad range of procedures, but the ultimate goal of this process is to have the way you look on the outside, match the way you feel on the inside.

During the initial consultation, we analyze each individual patient very carefully to determine what procedures are necessary for you to achieve a more feminine appearance. We take into consideration your facial structure and incorporate the principles of cosmetic surgery which stress that the parts of the face should be in harmony with one another.

A number of our transsexual patients are also seeking solutions for their hair loss which can be addressed at the same time as the Facial Feminization process. Hormone therapies often stop any further hair loss, but they can not return what has already gone.

To complete the process, we also offer a unique procedure called Voice Modification Surgery. This procedure often allows us to raise the pitch of a male voice into a female range, permanently. We developed this procedure more than 15 years ago and the results are often quite dramatic.

Ultimately, the most satisfied patients are those who come to us with realistic expectations of what surgery can achieve for them. We stress to each patient that our ultimate goal is to provide them with a natural, non-surgical result.