Feminizing the Upper-Third of the Face in Transgender Patients

1. BONEY ORBITAL CONTOURING —The male bone protrusions over the lower forehead can be smoothed flat without having to remove and reattach the bone. I have done this for more than 35 years without a problem.

2. CUTTING THE WRINKLE MUSCLES TO PREVENT AND LESSEN WRINKLES WITHOUT BOTOX–The muscles are carefully divided at the same surgery.

3. FOREHEAD LIFTING WITH THE IRREGULAR TRICHOPHYTIC FOREHEAD LIFT–This is a procedure that we developed to raise the brows and feminize and make a younger look WITHOUT removing any hair. The hair grows thru, not behind, the scar.

4. HAIRLINE LOWERING— The hairline can be lowered at the same time depending on the looseness of the scalp. If the scalp is tight, we use the Fleming-Mayer Tissue Expander to lower it up to 1-2 inches.

We create a natural, female look to a previous male face. Look at the photos and video of Jamie which were done on TV.

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