Jaw Surgery In Transgender Patients based on 35 years of experience.

“My jaw is too big” is a frequent expression of transgender plastic surgery patients who want the angle of the lower jaw made smaller. There are several surgeons who do this surgery but I am not one of them! Why not? I have had several patients who had surgery by another surgeon who demonstrates the fallacy of this procedure. If you make the mandibular angle smaller it makes the rest of the cheeks and head look over sized and unbalanced. You can see from the pictures below that the facial proportions are not in harmony.

Angelina Jolie and most cover models and Victoria Secret models have the balance facial proportion (as described approximately 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci) with a well formed angle of the mandible. Many Korean patients need the angle reduced because it sticks out FARTHER THAN THE CHEEKS.

Chin remodeling and or reduction with or without an implant is something that I do in most transgender patients to create a more feminine and balanced face.