Letter from Jordan

I cannot say enough about Dr. Mayer and his entire staff at The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery. They are the most wonderful, caring and genuine people I have ever met. Sharon and all of the girls who work in the front desk, are always very kind and careful of your feelings and concerns. They realize that you are nervous and that this is a very vulnerable and scary decision, as well as a great crucible in your transition. Any time I would reach out with an email or phone call, they would do there very best to answer all of my questions and concerns and I was never waiting for a response for more than the rest of the weekend.

When I first met Dr. Mayer, at my first pre-operative consultation, I was so intimidated, but he was so sweet and kept reassuring me that I was gonna be fine and he was going to take care of me.

He is a genius and you can really see him imagining how he is going to transform you as he closes his eyes and details to you what he is seeing with his minds eye.

Deborah, the anesthesiologist, is so sweet too. I have had 5 procedures done in three sessions with Dr. Mayer and each time I have had different reactions to the anesthesia, and Deborah is always willing to try different cocktails and combinations to try and keep you from getting queezy when you wake back up.

The people and the expertise and the professionalism that I experienced at The Beverly Hills Institute, are just top notch, and the results that I am wearing have changed my life. I have undergone a rhinoplasty, trachea shave, chin implant, (and a follow up implant shave and reshaping which doctor mayer did for cheap to make sure I liked my new chin) also I have had cheeckbone implants, lip injections and am planning on having my forehead recontouring and hairline reshaping done by Dr. Toby Mayer and his associates at the BHI. I could not be happier with my experience and my results, and I will always recommend them to any trans-person looking for facial feminization procedures and excellent compassionate care.