In May 2009, I had several cosmetic procedures performed by Dr. Mayer; the procedures were an orbital contour, brow lift, and hairline lowering. Before having these procedures done, I did a lot of research into various doctors from around the country. Currently in Pittsburgh for school, there were few options around me. Dr. Mayer stood out immediately because of his expertise and reputation among the most image-conscious locale in the country, namely Hollywood (or Beverly Hills). Given the natural structure of my face, Dr. Mayer was able to produce some spectacular results. It is said that the eyes are the most important part of the face, and the orbital rim burring produced a very soft and smooth appearance around my eyes that benefits my whole appearance. I was largely happy with my looks before the procedure, but I’m ecstatic about my appearance now! I’ve garnered a great deal of confidence from my new, more genuinely feminine look. I’m very grateful to Dr. Mayer and his team for their skilled and professional work, and I would recommend their practice to anyone!