I had never actually met in person with Dr. Mayer and his wonderful team until my consultation one day before surgery, which was scaring me off a bit. Especially when travelling all the way from Belgium, you want to make sure you have made the right choice of surgeon. Throughout all the contacts I have had though, I had gained a feeling of confidence in Dr. Mayer and his team. Upon my arrival there, everyone received me so well, was so nice, putting me at ease immediately, making me forget right away about my long trip. My first contact went through his friendly and professional patient administrator, and I found that very enjoyable and interesting. She has been very helpful with all questions I had throughout the whole pre- and post-surgery process.

I had done research into various doctors from Europe to the U.S. and was looking for a skilled facial surgeon, with a good reputation and experience in the field. Although in Europe, facial specialists obviously exist, none of them for me could match with the specific expertise of Dr. Mayer. Talking to his patients made this even more so and is the best thing you can do. I knew I had made the right decision for going to Dr. Mayer, after my first consultation. I remember having a friend on the phone that evening and when explaining to her, she replied: “told you!” I felt truly confident that my surgery the next day would be performed by him and his very professional team. You do not want to take risks to your face, since this is the most visible and first thing people see. Dr. Mayer takes into account your own facial characteristics, your needs, does not forget to look after details and really wants to make you look at your best.

When I came to Dr. Mayer in May 2009, I already had procedures done by others like breast augmentation, tracheal shave and labiaplasty. I was not entirely happy with a former browlift, rhinoplasty and chin reshaping. Dr. Mayer performed a revision of those last ones, while also doing orbital bony contouring, hairline lowering and contouring, (lower) eyelid surgery, fat augmentation to the lips and nasial folds, and liposuction. I am so happy with the amazing results. When you know you look better, you just feel better. Dr. Mayer knows how to achieve the right facial balance for you.

The day of surgery itself, Dr. Mayer goes through all remaining questions you might still have, so you feel totally confident. The exceptional medical staff accompanying me through surgery, providing me with the best care, made me feel really blessed. After awakening from surgery, surprisingly enough, I felt no pain, only some discomfort. You then realize you were in skillful hands.

Dr. Mayer not only is an excellent and caring surgeon, he also is a talented artist, with the right aesthetic taste. That is what makes him a preferred doctor. I would not hesitate going back to him and recommending him and his team highly to other patients. He is the best there is. Besides, where better to go than to the capital of the “image conscious”: LA.

Thank you so much Dr. Mayer and all of your exceptional staff for the excellent work you all did and support you all gave me!! You are now part of the good memories of my life!