To the Beverly Hills Institute,

I wanted to express my deep appreciation, to Dr Mayer and his exceptional
staff. I’ve spent a life time waiting to get to this point in my life.
Through research and interviewing surgeons…..I found that Dr Mayer was one
of the foremost surgeons for what I needed. He has an incredible level of
experience, and a gift for finding natural beauty within the face of every

My expectations after surgery, where for modest changes to make me look more
like I felt. There was no expectation for a wonderful dramatic
change…..but that is exactly what I wanted and received. I’ve never been
so incredibly happy as I am now, with what I see in the mirror. My life has changed exponentially, and have had to advance my time lines for my
transition. There was no more hiding the fact I’ve become the women I was
meant to be.

My deepest gratitude, to the Beverly Hills Institute, Dr. Mayer, Sharon, and
everyone else…..for making a dream become a reality.