Hi, my name is Lisa and I’m proud to say that I’ve had several complex and successful surgeries with my dear Dr. Mayer.

They have all gone flawlessly and without a single complication or problem. The pre-surgery prep, consultation,bedside manner, anesthesia, care, visits all were exceptional and very well coordinated and well done. The surgeries were to my utmost satisfaction and the results and follow-up were phenomenal (rhinoplasty, voicemod, tracheal shave, laser facelift/rejuvenation).. I get compliments everywhere I go as to how great they are. The post-surgery visits and checks were so good that I can tell you that I enjoy each time I visit with the good Dr. and his staff and consider them my long-term friends and well-wishers. Believe me when I tell you, they truly are, without any exaggeration. I can highly recommend Dr. Mayer, his excellent staff and excellent facility as the best experience I’ve had anywhere and I’ve been all around the world in many different facilities and doctors. To my friends in industries that I work in (entertainment and energy/utilities), don’t look elsewhere, this is the best there is, period ! Go with the very best the very first time. You’ll never be sorry later, I promise ! Lots of love to you Dr. Mayer+Staff (Sharon, Susan, Katrina, Veronica, Audrey…oh my, I hope I’m not forgetting anyone ;-)).

Sincerely, Lisa XOXOXO