Facial Procedures

Below is a list of the most commonly performed procedures for Facial Feminization and a brief description of each procedure and how it is used in this process. For additional information on any of these procedures, please contact us for an individual consultation.

Forehead Lift / Irregular Trichophytic (ITFL)

A forehead lift is often performed on transgender female patients to raise the brows to a more feminine position. Orbital bony contouring, or a reshaping of the bone underneath the eyebrows, is often combined with a forehead lift to soften the area around the eyes. (For these patients we will require a skull x-ray prior to surgery). In addition, many of our patients would like to lower their hairline (since men tend to have a larger forehead than women) and we often combine a forehead lift with hairline lowering.

Through the unique hairline forehead lift procedure we developed, these procedures can all be performed at the same time allowing us to resolve these related problems simultaneously. The incision is naturally concealed within the hairline.

Please note that some patients have more extensive male pattern baldness that may require other hair replacement procedures to correct. These procedures can often be done in conjunction with a forehead lift as well.

Cheek Augmentation

There is not particular cheek shape or definition that most men or women have. In general a fuller, more prominent cheek is the ideal for the Facial Feminization process. There are 3 different main types of implants, which come in a variety of sizes so that each patient can receive a customized fit.

  • Cheek implants (malar): These are placed directly on the cheek bones to increase prominence or give “high” cheek bones.
  • Below the cheek (submalar): These are placed just under the cheek bone to correct a hollow or sunken-in appearance and to create more fullness
  • Combined (malar/submalar): These implants go over and below the cheek bone to increase prominence and to correct hollowness under the cheek.

This procedure is usually performed through incisions inside the mouth so there are no visible scars.

Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

As with the other components of Facial Feminization, nasal surgery is primarily performed to soften this feature. Our goal is to provide you with a more feminine nose, but at the same time, not give you an artificial or overly scooped or pinched look. Each patient’s nose is unique and there are a variety of techniques to “feminize” a nose. We evaluate each patient individually. The extent of the nasal surgery will depend on the patient and what is necessary to both feminize the nose and to bring the nose into balance with the face without creating an artificial appearance.

Nasal Surgery (Rhinoplasty Revision)

In Beverly Hills, rhinoplasty revision is a delicate surgical procedure that is offered by board certified plastic surgeon, Toby G. Mayer, M.D., F.A.C.S., at The Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Mayer has many years’ experience helping rhinoplasty revision Beverly Hills patients achieve the elegant, proportionate nasal contours they desire. His reputation as one of the best Beverly Hills rhinoplasty revision surgeons attracts numerous patients every year.

If you experience unsatisfying results from a previous rhinoplasty performed elsewhere, our Beverly Hills rhinoplasty revision surgeons can help correct the flaws to reveal a more flattering facial features.

Chin/Jawline Surgery

The chin and jawline are as variable as the nose in men and in women. While some believe that men tend to have a wider chin and squarer jaw, and women a more pointed chin with a narrower jaw, we do not feel that this generalization is accurate. We see a large number of women with a wider, square jaw and men with a narrow jaw and pointier chin.

There are several ways of reshaping the chin and jaw area to soften their appearance.

  • Chin implant: This redefines the shape and softness of the chin.
  • Chin/jowl implant: This redefines the shape of the chin and the jowl area. It is often used to correct depressions in the jowl
  • Pre-jowl implant: This reshapes the jaw without changing the chin

This procedure is usually performed through an incision under the chin, where most of us have a naturally occurring crease. There is less chance of infection than when the incision is placed in the mouth.

Lip Augmentation

Lack of fullness in the lips can be an inherited characteristic or the result of the aging process. Fat augmentation will make the lips look fuller and softer. In most of the patients who have lip augmentation the result is permanent; in the some patients more fat may need to be added at a later time. Collagen may also be used for lip enhancement but it only lasts an average of three months, requiring repeated injections to maintain the desired fullness.

Fat is harvested from a donor area on the body, usually the abdomen or buttock, and then cleansed and concentrated. The fat is then injected into the area being treated. The area is normally overcorrected, because the body will absorb some of the fat immediately after the procedure. The treated area(s) will usually be swollen for 10–14 days.

Tracheal Shave (Thyroid Cartilage Reduction)

This procedure involves a reduction or shaving of the upper portion of the trachea known as the Adam’s Apple. This procedure is performed on a large number of transgender patients. The tracheal shave is performed through an incision in one of the natural creases of the neck and creates a flatter appearance to the Adam’s Apple. This procedure can be performed with any of the above procedures

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