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peoplecover416Facial Feminization Surgery For TG and lntersex Community Singer Ali J Completes Her Journey

Although singer Alex Jinkinson (known as Ali J) was clearly marked “male” on her birth certificate, she suffered a life-long gender identity crisis that has finally been resolved. Alex was born with PAIS (partial androgen insensitivity syndrome), a rare genetic condition where the male hormones do not have the full capacity to develop a masculine body, which was diagnosed when she was in elementary school.

After years of struggle, Alex recently completed her journey by undergoing Facial Feminization surgery with world renowned Facial Plastic Surgeon, and Facial Feminization expert Dr. Toby Mayer, co-director of the Beverly Hills Institute of Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery.

“Facial Feminization is a term that covers a broad range of procedures, but the ultimate goal of this process is for patients to look on the outside, like the woman they feel on the inside”, said Dr. Mayer. “Each patient we are presented with has different needs based on their facial anatomy but the goal of surgery is to make their face as feminine looking as their anatomy allows.”
Dr. Mayer has been performing and perfecting the art and science of Facial Feminization surgery on Transgender and lntergender patients like Ali J for over 35 years. Patients travel from all over the world to see Dr. Mayer because they want a naturally pretty, feminine face without the unnatural results often seen in other TG and IG surgeries performed by doctors with less precision and aesthetic skill when it comes to this type of surgery. He comments that he has seen a large increase in male-to-female Facial Feminization surgical patients in recent years, as well as an increase in revision surgery in this community of patients.

He is also the pioneer of the Voice Feminization procedure wherein, Dr. Mayer is able to perform a voice modification procedure that has proven to be effective in over 90% of his TG patients.

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Reader Comments


Firstly, a huge huge congrats to Alex and an even bigger thanks to her for sharing her success story in such a public way. It helps so many people (as it would have helped me if I was not already through transition) to have success stories like this visible to the world in any way. Slowly but surely, the public eye is being transformed to allow trans people their equal place in society- as I think we deserve. It is especially helpful for people who are perhaps too ashamed of their trans-ness and live in a state of fear about taking the leap. Hopefully this story helps those people, and gives them another glimmer of hope when they find themselves struggling with the pain of living with a body that doesn’t match the mind.

Secondly (in my opinion and speaking from my own experience with him as one of his transgender patients 2 years ago), Dr. Mayer is one of the [somewhat often] unsung heroes of his field as a reconstructive surgeon who specializes in helping transgender people. I’m always happy to see an article including him and showcasing another stellar example of the effect that pride, confidence, and experience in one’s work transfers into great care for a patient’s trust in someone who can change their life for the better. Congrats to both Alex and Dr. Mayer. Cheers 🙂 – Jenny G

Dr. Mayer truly saved my life. Before having surgery with him, I could not ‘pass’ as a woman and was often ridiculed. Afterwards, I was able to really begin my life as Karissa. His results were flawless and undetectable. He said he wanted to ‘make you look more like you’. His administrative staff and nursing team were incredibly supportive, which makes all the difference. I was able to continue my career as a scientist in epigenetics at Los Alamos National Laboratory and my team is on it’s way to fully understanding some of these conditions. – Karissa Sanbonmatsu

What frequently gets overshadowed in articles such as this, is the deadliness of untreated gender dysphoria. It is associated with alarmingly high rates of serious comorbid conditions such as depression (4x the national avg.), alcohol/drug abuse (3x the national avg.), self-mutilation (10x the national avg.), and suicide attempts (220x the national avg.). Hormone therapy alone goes a long way toward treating the condition, yet for many trans/intersex women, the dysphoria cannot be resolved with facial features incongruent to their gender identity. The mention of Alex’s depression, the bullying she experienced and her suicide attempt gives a brief glimpse into the living nightmare experienced by someone whose gender identity does not match their physical gender. It is no understatement to say the facial feminization procedures she received are lifesaving.

My personal experience as a trans woman who underwent similar procedures from Dr. Mayer is that I experience a quality of life beyond all expectation. For example: last week I attended a House Committee hearing on an anti-transgender bill in the Minnesota State legislature. I sat between two people wearing anti-transgender propaganda badges. After I clapped when a moving argument was made against the bill, the man sitting next to me asked: “Are you pro… these… these transgenders?”

“I am transgender”

The man tapped on his hearing aid, leaned closer and asked me to repeat myself.


Being free of gender dysphoria, plus the ability to be stealth while sitting among proponents of anti-transgender legislation, and then to evoke a simultaneous look of disbelief, disillusionment and amazement from one such transphobic individual is a true testament to what Dr. Mayer has done for my life. As Alex’s says: “I fought for so long, I can finally live. And I feel more alive than ever.”

Congratulations Alex! Enjoy your new life being your authentic self! – Christina Ginther

Great story of courage and family love. Congrats to Alex and her family. And one more to add to the long list of persons touched by Dr Mayer in his continuous effort of changing and improving people lives. I also had ffs with him and couldn’t have made a better choice. He delivered exactly what I wanted and helped me finally find my inner peace. It truly made a huge difference in my life. You can’ t go wrong with him. He posses a blend of technical mastery, expertise and artistry that truly makes a difference. And can’t tell the whole story without mentioning his staff who are all awesome. Thanks to Dr Mayer and all his staff for touching and making a difference on trans people lives. – Priscilla Herdez

Congratulations Alex your lucky you choose one of the greats. Without Dr. Mayer the last 15 years would of been a living hell. He is not only a great surgeon, but an amazing man. Like Picasso he is an artist, I owe him so much… thank you and love you Dr. Mayer. – Wendy102

Sometimes I wonder why anyone is surprised by cruel and cowardly comments after a video like this. Cowards always try to attack the vulnerable. But who gives 2 cents for their opinion?Congratulations for having the courage to follow through and be yourself girl! Toby changed my life dramatically and I will be forever grateful. I know it’s not easy and it takes all you’ve got to stand up and be a role model for others so I say, Brava! – Genivieve LeDuc

My experience with Dr. Toby Mayer was wonderful. It not only has taught me to learn to accept myself as a transwoman, but it also helped me come a step closer to progress on my transition. I recommend him for ffs to other trans women to achieve a natural and female like appearance. Thank you doctor for changing the lives of many trans women! – Ysabela Gomez

I don’t know why people are making fun of this persons life journey unless you are a trans person you have no idea how hard it is to feel like your body does not match who you are inside Dr Mayer is an amazing Person with a very special gift to help people who need help matching their soul to how they look in the outside. He did my facial feminisation and changed my life for ever I will for ever be grateful to him for helping me. People we all need to be kind to others and we may not understand but we all deserve respect.
Thank you Dr. Mayer for all that you do for the trans community ❤️❤️❤️❤️ – Gia Darling